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Jun 19

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Set against the sinister backdrop of Washington DC, and the world beyond, Vitaortus Book One is the beginning of an unusual vampire story that has a countdown to potential extinction–pitting supernatural monsters against religio-political ones. But first, a ‘human’ hero has to save the supernatural species, which could prove to be weird and dangerous work for her and her special partner, the Vitaortus. Can this reluctant hero, with her own mysteries, help her new sanguinarian companions without becoming exsanguinated herself?! It is a tale for our times, with unconventional lessons in conservation, loyalty, religion, and morality.

If you don’t believe in Vampires, then you clearly haven’t been to Washington DC!

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Books 1, 2 & 3 all available as Print $13.99 or Kindle $4.99 at Amazon.
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  1. Erin Chapman

    Finished reading this book in 5 days! I loved it! I found it to be a mixture of a romantic comedy and True Blood. I loved the characters and the realism the author used for them. It had the right balance of romance sprinkled with humor. I can’t wait to dive into the second book in the series this week. I want to find out what happens between Devi and Alec! 🙂

    Jun 28 at 11:57 Reply

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