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Poetry that explores vampires in all ages. A chapbook. I see the story of vampires as sensual, love stories. So wrote this book. It is available as ebookand as a paperback. Makes a great gift. Here is the link to Amazon.

Dedicated to vampire lovers everywhere. This book is the writer’s tribute to the ones who live forever, for whom darkness is a delight. The sensual ones. Those who search a lifetime for love, and for whom life never ends.

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From Vampire Review blog, Tami Jackson

VampirePoetry To Make You Swoon And Feel Woozy (It’s That Good)

With so many new writers seeking publicity these days, bloggers must often slogthrough typos, poorly written sentences and whatever else bleeds bloody grammarstains all over our freshly pressed white blouses. That is not the case withGarrison Wells’ work, however. As a seasoned journalist, he’s got skills andprofessional writing experience under his karate belts. His poetry is clean.It’s sexually tasteful. I give his thought-provoking book five stars and Ireally hope you spend a buck to read it.


To you die-hard traditional vampire fans out there, you may get the chills whenyou realize not all of Garrison’s artistry is stuck-in-the-coffin. He’s notconfined to the same old vampire lore that our Dracula made famous. Garrisonmakes up some of his own rules about whether a vampire’s heart should beatslowly and whether the undead can produce offspring; sexually. In fact,children born to vampires can fly with muscular wings!

His work is new and fresh. You will love how he describes the burning daylightlike a pair of handcuffs.

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