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Jul 20

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Hello vampire memorabilia collectors!

Me and my colleague, Anthony Hogg, are conducting research and seeking any memorabilia concerning the Highgate Vampire, a case that received national news coverage back in the 1970s. Highgate Cemetery, located in North London, was thought to have had a vampire take up residence back in the day and we are looking for any items related to this event.

We are looking for newspaper articles, flyers, video or audio clips and or interviews, photos, magazines or anything else relevant to the case. We will pay for shipping if you are willing to part with your items.

Kids, do us a solid and ask your grandparents for us! If they grew up in North London, chances are they know about the Highgate Vampire.

If you lived in the area of Highgate Cemetery or still do and have a story related to the vampire or the case, we would love to hear from you as well.


If you have something of interest, please send me an email and we discuss arrangements.

For further information on the Highgate Vampire you can refer to our general interest vampire site Vamped.


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