Eternal Struggle: Guardian


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Jul 11

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Werewolves. Wolf Men. These are the names given by mortals to those who are half man and half beast. Those blessed by the wolf God Fenris and given their abilities. They help protect mankind from the Tainted. Only a few remain who are truly immortal. They are known as the Fenrian. Children of Gaia blessed by the wolf God Fenris. While many of them serve many purposes, some claim a greater destiny. To give their very lives in the protection of all that is sacred. It is in this sacred duty that one has chosen his path among mortals. Protecting a bloodline and keeping it safe until the end of time. While he is a man on the surface, there is much more than meets to eye. A special Fenrian with a much bigger purpose than his brethren. Despite the pleas of his people, he has taken to hiding in plain sight among others as a means of achieving his goals.

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